Tiger Striped Sky

I think writing in paragraphs only help me get more carried away, and bullet points have the understood connotation of being abbreviated clippings. How things stand:

  • for almost a month I’ve finally taken the medication my doctor gave me almost an age ago. It’s mainly for anxiety among other ailments. I always found some excuse to not take it. Someone convinced me, mom or Bean did. Consecutively taken it’s done wonders to level me off. I still have bad patches, as a side effect is …. guess. Depression. Yeah. But ye, I’m comparatively better.
  • Quarantine hasn’t really affected me directly. At first. If I’m not at work, I’m at home. My uncle has taken over my manual duties at the office, so now I do the paperwork at the desk in my room.
  • I restarted bullet journaling, and it’s been a fucking charm. Nothing complicated, minimalistic and to the point. The key thing is to write stuff down, it’s the only way I can remember. I use my highlighters when I have to (making it a little bit kawaii), try to perfect precise handwriting in an attempt at professionalism. I follow the template from bulletjournal.com. The only modification is I split the day with work on one side, and on the other is pour moi, for me, so I don’t neglect myself.
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2020: Corona Season Bullshit

Sometimes you really don’t know how much you can actually stand your family until you’re stuck *stuck* with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, I do but there is only so much irritation I can understand and tolerate, my father expects me to read his mind, or at the very least ask him before I make decisions at our work. I feel like I’ve been a sink, absorbing the rest of their abrasive reactions of being powerless against the virus, especially control nuts like him.

And the others too are really worried about everything, I understand that this is affecting everyone, but it doesn’t give people excuses to yell at each other, or like I said before, be expected to read minds. This is not to mention the other drama that’s been going on since before I woke up a 7am today.

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Daily Journal: Sunday vibes

8th March 2020, 7:05 am

Second night I’ve spent up on watch, thankfully uneventful. I’d learned later yesterday, however, a sales bus was attacked at R. the driver and salesman were roughed up but safe and okay now.

At the moment of writing this I’m on our smaller veranda, the morning sun smiling down like a dear old friend, benign and good company as I listen to one of my favourite playlists by fierta, “The witch’s garden”. I’d imported it to Spotify from 8Tracks because they were closing, and the list didn’t make the 15 track requirement so Spotify added songs to it. I’m not complaining though, I won’t skip ‘Path of the Wind’ (My Neighbour Totoro) or ‘Dance of the Moonlight Jellies’ from Stardew Valley, currently on.

The wind is cool and playful almost but somewhat tense. I continued and completed season one of F1: Drive to Survive earlier this morning. It’s amazing what those people can do, drivers and the entire teams. Often now I recall my previous dismissal of the sport. I consider that facet of my ignorance cured. Can’t say I have a definite favourite though, they’re all remarkable. Season 1 was 2018, season 2 was 2019, and this season begins on the 15th this month.

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